French MotoGP Race Results: 1. J. Lorenzo, 2. V.Rossi, 3. M.Vinales, 4. D.Pedrosa, 5. P. Espargaro, 6. A. Espargaro, 7. D. Petrucci, 8. H. Barbera, 9. A. Bautista, 10. S. Bradl, 11. E. Laverty, 12. L. Baz, 13. M. Marquez

Senin, 09 Mei 2016

MotoGP France. Champion Lorenzo, Rossi Second and Vinales Podium

Racing is full of drama, that's racing LeMans MotoGP Circuit held Sunday, May 8th, 2016 at 19:00. The race controlled by placing two Yamaha riders Lorenzo and Rossi on the podium one and two. While Suzuki was represented Vinales get his first podium in third position.

Honda usually reach the podium this time did not get it. Marquez fell and Pedrosa finish fourth behind Vinales. For Ducati, two riders, Dovizioso and Iannone failed to finish. Though they were fighting over the podium

Some racers who did not finish that Smith, Miller, Dovizioso, Iannone, Rabat, Cruthclow, Hernandez and Redding

The results of this race have an impact on the change at the top of the standings. Lorenzo, with 90 points, has now become the top standings. Marquez get an additional three points from the results finished 13th and he is now making the total collected 85 and dropped to number two standings.

Course of The Race    

Lap 1
Lorenzo, who started in the first position directly lead, while Rossi and Marquez do less good start and catapulted into the top six. While Rossi in position seven. Ducati did a good start, so Dovizioso and Iannone were close behind Lorenzo

Lap 2
Marquez improve the position in fourth. The composition of the drivers became, Lorenzo's, Iannone, Dovizioso, Marquez. Rossi was seventh

Lap 5
The composition of the racers are still the same as on lap 2 but on lap 5, Rossi already behind Marquez ie five positions and keep pressing Spaniard

Lap 7
Four riders behind Lorenzo fighting for the podium, that Iannone, Dovizioso, Marquez and Rossi. Ducati riders, Iannone fell last cornering, while in second position and was chasing Lorenzo. Distance Iannone and Lorenzo less than 1 sec

Lap 10
Lorenzo in a position comfortable lead with a distance of more than 1 second, Dovizioso, Marquez and Rossi fighting for the second position

Lap 12
Rossi overtaking Marquez. Tribune cheering audience in the crowded. One next lap, Dovizioso was also overtaken by Rossi.    

Lap 16
Dovizioso and Marquez fell along right behind Rossi.

Lap 20
Bradley fell. Position: Lorenzo, Rossi, and Pedrosa fourth Vinales.

Lap 25
Pedrosa to fight for the podium with Vinales. These two drivers as if to say, "who should join the Yamaha"      

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