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Senin, 19 September 2016

Rosberg Almost Hit Track Officer in Singapore

Such an unexpected moment, in F1 Singapore Match, that Mercedez racer named Nico Rosberg almost hit a track officer, Marshal, when the race was begun.

The race was held in Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore, on Sunday night, 18th of September. In the beginning of the race, there's an accident that forced Nico Hulkenberg to end the race

This automatically pushed the rescue car and all the racers went through the pit, because the track was being cleaned. Continuing into lap 3, the race was started faster than before. It only took 2 lap.

After several moment, unsafety condition could be seen after all racers got started. Then, there's an officer that almost got hit by Rosberg's car when the officer was still in the track to clean up some flakes.

"It's not good to see someone was running in the track when I got started at 300km/hour. So, I make it slower to be more safety. Still it's a heart-taking moment, because he seems not to see the racers coming. That's obvious I lost some time in that time," said Rosberg. (se)

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